Write & Share Your Story in 6 Steps by Aimee Chada

Write & Share Your Story in 6 Steps

You Have a Story That Another Woman Needs to Hear!

What's included?

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Welcome from Aimee
1 min
Your Story Journey Assessment
80.8 KB
Your Course Roadmap
16 mins
My Course Curriculum Checklist
172 KB
Module 1-Story
I share my story with you.
10 mins
God's Story Becomes Yours - Lesson Worksheet
120 KB
Engage with the Author
14 mins
Transform in the Mess
7 mins
We Have a Victorious Ending!
7 mins
Module 2 - Clarify
Why Clarify Our Stories - Lesson Worksheet
94.6 KB
My Pivotal Moments Worksheet
114 KB
Finding Truth in the Past I
7 mins
Finding Truth in the Past Part II
5 mins
Growing in Love
4 mins
Living in Blessing
6 mins
Explore Your Story Video: Clarify Your Pivotal Moments
6 mins
Module 3 - Stages
Stages of Your Story - Lesson worksheet
88.1 KB
Stages of My Story Worksheet
87.6 KB
Story Structure - Lesson Worksheet
76.6 KB
Mapping My Pivotal Moments Worksheet
80.4 KB
Stages of Your Story Part I
6 mins
Stages of Your Story Part II
15 mins
Story Structure
13 mins
Explore Your Story - Mapping Your Pivotal Moments
4 mins
Module 3 - Bonuses
Bonus - Finding Wisdom in Your Story Graphic
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The Calling Journey Map
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Bonus - coupon for you!
Module 4 - Deeper
The Messy Middle - Worksheet
81.8 KB
Digging Deeper - Worksheet
84.7 KB
The Messy Middle
8 mins
Explore Your Story - Digging Deeper
7 mins
Module 4 - Bonuses
Processing Pain - Worksheet
88.5 KB
Overcome Worry - Worksheet
89 KB
Bonus Video - Five Steps to Process Pain with Lisa Sanchez
12 mins
Bonus Video - Overcome Worry with Denise Marek
14 mins
Dr. Carolyn Leaf
Soul Keeping
Module 5 - Message
Your Life is a Message - Lesson Worksheet
80 KB
My Life Messages Worksheet
87.9 KB
Your Life is a Message - Part I
11 mins
Your Life is a Message - Part II
17 mins
Explore Your Story - My Life Messages
7 mins
Module 5 - Bonuses
3 Steps to New Stories - Worksheet
91.4 KB
Bonus Video - Discovering Your Life's Mission with Lorie Hartshorn
13 mins
Module 6 - Share
It Comes Down to Confidence - Lesson Worksheet
101 KB
Why Story Framework - Lesson Worksheet
78.3 KB
My Story Framework - Worksheet
77.3 KB
It Comes Down to Confidence
16 mins
Explore Your Story - Share Your Story Framework
10 mins
Module 6 - Bonuses
My Story Goals Worksheet
90 KB
Your Goals Celebration!
6 mins
My Celebration Plan Worksheet
88.6 KB
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My name is Aimee Chada and here's a bit of my story.

I love nature, coffee (almost too much) and running. I just did my first half-marathon in 2018! I think it was the coffee that kept me going! My education is in Recreation Therapy and Volunteer Managment. Although my career path has taken many interesting turns.  After getting married and having my 2 children right out of school I became the Director of a non-profit helping women in crisis. Recreation Therapy finally found me and led me to Volunteer Managment in Long Term Care.  I've worked on an election campaign for a local MPP (who won!), I’ve led women’s ministry and taught women’s bible studies. In 2015 I Founded "SheSpeaks" an event where women share their story, then "You Have a Story", online courses and resources helping women discover their “new creation” story! Watch more of my story here